Tonight is the longest night of the year.  It will grow dark early.  The sun will rise late.  Outside all will grow quiet and still and cold.  We will face as far away from the sun as we have all year.  We will be wrapped in cold dark night.

But we will not be consumed by dark.  Inside our home we will light candles.  We will light lanterns.  We will light the stove and cook soups.  Friends will come.  They will cross our doorstep with bread.  They will wrap their arms around us and keep us warm, make us laugh.   They will bring food and beer and we will tell stories and soon before we know it morning will come.  It always does.

We are a solstice kind of people here.  For better or for worse, we are used to the long dark night at our house.  We have lived it for the last few years.  So we know about making it through.  Through our own long dark night, while the cold winds blew, our friends came in just as they will tonight and sat with us in the dark.  They held our hands and lit our lanterns, they told us stories, the fed us soup and kept us warm.  So we know that tonight, that is what we must do.

Now the earth is about to tilt.  I can feel spring coming.  I feel it in my bones.  I feel it in my heart and in my soul too.  Yes, come morning, spring will be on its way. Every lengthening day will shout that renewal and new beginnings and hope are slated to arrive…are here just waiting to make their debut.

Tonight we will gather our community together and huddle against the long dark night.  And when the last guest has gone I will load the mugs and soup bowls into the dishwasher and climb under my covers and whisper one word over and over again.  A mantra of sorts.  “Grateful…grateful grateful”  Grateful we made it through.  Grateful for the friends who sat with us.  Grateful for the tilt of the earth.  Grateful for the sun which will rise tomorrow a bit earlier and bring with it a promise of beginnings fresh and new.

And tomorrow we will throw open the windows and welcome the light that will come bit by bit brighter with each and every day.  And we will say Alleluia.  Joy to the world. 

Because finally the long dark night has passed.

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