As the old year gives way to the new I have just a few wishes, a few dreams. 

Let me whisper them here, then so I can then let them go and welcome the New Year with all that it will bring.

This year I wish for LESS:

  1. Less stuff
  2. Less chaos
  3. Less worry & sadness
  4. Less noise
  5. Less weight
  6. Less drama
  7. Less inner monologue and self critique
  8. Less fear
  9. Less rushing
  10. Less conflict

And in the place of the things that leave I wish for this to fill the void:

  1. More community
  2. More stillness
  3. More laughter
  4. More music
  5. More health
  6. More silliness
  7. More silence 
  8. More love
  9. More long walks
  10. More connection

May your 2008 be blessed and beautiful–perfect in every imperfect way.

Happy New Year!

3 Responses to “Less and More”

  1. alex Says:


  2. rebecca Says:

    yes, yes…all of them…yes!

  3. washwords Says:

    this is wonderful! (I just found your comment on “the other meg’s” blog. weird i’m a pal of hers and another jennie, though i’m IE. anywho…)

    this is truly lovely. I too am looking for peace and simplicity.

    but yet, what did i do? bought books at a library sale on simplifying including this lovely haiku book, where I found this…”do not forget the plum, blooming in the thicket” and this… “great trees are envied by the wind” … seems to fit the theme!

    I’ll be back for sure and hope you’ll check me out as well…