I am back from a magical trip.  I was away for three days, but it seems like three weeks.  I went to Miami Beach with two soulsisters and for every second of the trip there was nowhere else I wanted to be, nothing else that I would rather do other than what I was doing exactly at that moment exactly where I was.  The beautiful thing about living entirely in the present is the timelessness. 

Dolores and I traveled with Jackie to her hometown.  We were there to get away, leave the children, the men, the houses and just be.  But we were also there to discover a bit of Jackie’s past.  It was a once in a lifetime experience to walk the streets with a dear friend and soak in the settings of her growing up.  I feel I know my beloved Jackie just a bit better having seen where she bought her tunafish sandwiches, to have peaked at the house where her highschool boyfriend lived, to see the elementary school playground where she played when she was as old as our children are now.  It was a journey I would gladly take again, to bear witness to the past if only in the simplest of ways.  Walking down memory lane with someone you love and watching their face as they rediscover it is an odessey in and of itself.

And the three of us discovered new places too.  We stayed in South Beach, a place that was barely on the map during Jackie’s Miami days.  We found places new to us all and we discovered it together, forming a bond that only traveling can form.  We have now our store, our hotel, our restaurant–the places we went time and time again, walking over that turf until we could claim it as ours, all ours. 

I am home now, ready to sink back into my life–the one with a child, a messy house, a busy job.  I have hit reboot and can channel some of that living in the now energy back home. 

2 Responses to “M is for Miami”

  1. Lucille Says:

    I’m jealous. I never go anywhere 🙁

    I’m glad you had a good time. And have come back refreshed…

  2. Jen Ballantyne Says:

    I am so very glad you had a wonderful time Meg, you deserved it and needed it I think with all that you do with your life x