When the winter blues get me down, there is nothing like live music to get me moving again.  Some music is just joyful.  Other music is fun.  Some is masterly.  And some is downright transcendental.

Thursday night I dragged my rear end out of the house for a night with some girlfriends to go hear Rosie Ledet and the Zydeco Playboys at Chick Hall’s Surf Club.  Chick’s is one of those authentic and wonderful places:  A real live roadhouse set next to a tire shop on a road to nowhere.  The crowd at Chick’s is not the shiny, new and sparkly crowd.  They are wrinkled and dented and a bit rough around the edges.  They dance like there is no tomorrow.  Feeling a bit beat up myself lately, it was exactly where I needed to be.  These are my people.

If you EVER get the chance to see this band live, you must.  The energy coming off the stage is raw and beautiful and gritty and real.  Rosie’s voice so luscious,  I wanted to dive into it.  Her sound is part blues, part zydeco, part funk but all completely and utterly sensual. 

I searched for a video that would capture the experience but not one could.  Its a live thing, y’all you just got to trust me on it.  But here is a little taste.

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