1.  Wake up without an alarm.  Sleep until you are ready to wake up.  Be really amazed that you are not horribly late.

2.  Have a long long hot shower.  Take all your vitamins.

3.  Kiss 6 year old boy a whole lot and run around and have a tickle fight.  Eat a Rice Krispie treat along with the healthy breakfast. 

4.  Get the 6 year old out the door without once saying “Hurry up we are late” (even though you are).  When he asks if we are late say, “maybe…doesn’t matter today.”  Smile.

5.   Drive to work with this song on repeat.  Sing it at the top of lungs and dance at every damn stop light.  Forget you have a meeting and so therefor don’t stress about the traffic.

6.  Get a parking space in the garage (even though it is full) because the parking guys are true friends.

7.  Walk into the fancy schmancy Washington job and hug all your co-workers because its Monday and you REALLY are glad to see them and feel blessed to have them as your comrades.

8.  Learn about meeting and be happy because you are not even late.  Sit on the couch before the meeting starts with girlfriends and bask in the morning sun.  Make a cup of chai tea to take to meeting.

9.  Have very silly email exchange with soul sister halfway across the world.

10.  Go to yoga and actually stay focused on your breathing.

11.  Drive home blasting same song over and over again.  Dance at all the stoplights again.

12.  Come home and put Ipod on speaker and invite stunningly beautiful son and slightly baffled (almost) ex-husband to dance to same said song.  Over and over again.  Until everyone is dizzy and falls down laughing .

13.  Skip the TV.

14. Make plans with a new friend to go see music this week.

15.  Cuddle in bed with boy and cat and three down comforters and knitting and a good book.

16.  Post on blog and get to bed before midnight.

17.  Wake up and plan to repeat for as many days as necessary.

6 Responses to “A Day in the Soul Repair Garage”

  1. Jena Strong Says:

    How about all of them? Yum.

  2. Karen Says:

    Sounds like a pretty good day to me 🙂

  3. bella Says:

    oh I could feel my breathing deepen and slow just reading this.
    i love these days.
    and they are ours, here for the taking.

  4. Karen Says:

    and the movie is a sweetheart too.

  5. deb Says:

    Sounds like an excellent way to repair your soul.

  6. Jen Ballantyne Says:

    What a perfect day Meg, and to think it could be possible sometimes to create days like this. I love it, love reading your description of a perfect day. I am guessing this was on the really freezing night you wrote me about. 3 comforters!!! Take care dear one, your soulsisterfromhalfwayacrosstheworld. xx