Max was sitting on the couch this evening playing with my guitar.

“Mom,” he said, “Do you know why I danced so much when I was in your tummy?”  He really did dance.  Everytime that child heard music he got down and boogied.  It was a crazy 9 months being pregnant with that child.

“No babe,” I said trying to pick up the chaotic living room.  “I don’t know–Why did you dance so much?”

“I was in a rock band…you know…before I was born.  I played guitar.”  The guitar was in his lap and he was strummin’ along casually now as though to make his point.  He is one with the guitar.

“Oh…” I said completely charmed with the direction this conversation was taking.  “Were you in a rock band while you were in my tummy or before…”

“No mom, BEFORE…When I was an angel.”

“Oh, I see” I say “In heaven”

“Yeah mom…God set me up.  You know…in the band.  We broke up when we all got sent here to earth.  I am trying to find ’em now so we can rock down here.”

Indeed Max…Indeed.

4 Responses to “Rock n Roll Child”

  1. Maggie Says:

    ohmygosh! I’m going to be thinking about this one all day. Best case scenario, it’s all true! Worst case scenario, that is one helluva kid you’ve got there.

  2. Jena Strong Says:


  3. shelbi Says:

    out of the mouths of babes 😉 lovely conversation to have with your sweet one.

  4. bella Says:

    what a reminder that we really are all here to find what we were sent to do.
    I love these moments of conversation with our sons. 🙂