Spring is coming.

Nevermind that this morning is the coldest morning we have had all winter. 

I can feel it.  I feel the light returning.  I want to open my arms to it and stretch and wrap my arms around the sunrise that came so early today, cradle it, swim in it. 

There is a light, the color of red gold, that is spilling through my window this morning.  It is perfect and it holds me spellbound.  It is an Alleluia.

There are moments in my life when the light similarly captured me–They are etched in my mind, vivid pictures.  I can’t forget them and indeed sometimes the images jump out of my mind, unbeckoned, and surprise me leaving me struck with wonder.

There was the time I was 3.  I stretched out in the summer sunshine on our lawn and everything seemed to shimmer from the bright light, the grass greener than anything I had ever seen.

Or the day my junior year of college that I was walking home to the dorm.  I stopped and couldn’t move for some 10 minutes so in awe I was at the light of the setting sun play off the architecture.

Or the afternoon, just last October, when I was sitting on a pebble beach beside the Potomac in the Monongahela National Forest and the setting sun turned everything gold and the water seemed to be sprinkled with pixie dust.

Or the glow, warm and embracing, inside the Spanish resturant where I recently gathered with friends, drinking sweet sangria and eating tapas, laughing and telling stories.

These moments are all perfect.  Utterly and completely perfect.

And in them I am awash in great great love. 

May light and love fill your day. 

5 Responses to “The Light”

  1. Jena Strong Says:

    Sangria and light – I could use some of that mojo. Thanks, as always, Meg.

  2. rebecca Says:

    and may light and love always fill your days Hopeful Girl…

    i enjoyed your trip through memory lane….the wondrous, perfect little things that make us happy…..

  3. Maggie Says:

    Mmmm. Beautiful.

    This morning the cat was meowing to go outside for the first time all winter. I wondered if he knew something I didn’t? Perhaps you’re both onto something.

  4. tracey Says:

    I know exactly what you mean. Many of my life’s most perfect moments are those defined by the light. And here I thought I was the only one. : ) Sometimes I feel a little obsessed…
    It’s fun to hear someone else who regards the light as poetry.
    A very lovely post that has got me excited for Spring.
    (I found you via Jen Lemen)

  5. HMFT Says:

    LOL…I found you through Tracey!

    Amen, sistah. I love the electricity that a change in seasons brings. Especially Spring.