I want to take a break from my discussions about now, and life and magic and parenting and soul sisters and all that to simply say: These guys rock.

Awww…yeah…I’m so smitten with my community, is it true. I couldn’t help myself. Had to post about ’em. But…aren’t they good y’all, these friends of mine? They are so talented but more than that–they are so damn fun.

I love that I have friends that sing and play for me. I love that I get to hear these guys around a campfire, in my living room and around the corner on a regular basis. I love that music, played joyfully is a part of every day in our life in one way or another.

I am a lucky girl.

And did I say it already…these guys– they really do rock.

2 Responses to “A break in our regularly scheduled programming”

  1. GreenishLady Says:

    No-one else said it here yet! Yes, they do rock, and Yes, you are lucky!

  2. Overflowing - Meg Casey Says:

    […] planned from 300 miles away. Suddenly I was dancing with him like we did when we were teens, while Jeff, Jamie and Randy played music. Everything that is sweet about my childhood met everything that is sweet […]