I recently had a conversation with a friend where we admitted we both once had a fear of looking foolish and we both proudly exclaimed that we were so over that one.

And the truth is, I have let go of my fear of looking foolish long ago. Clearly I have no problem about acting silly in public. I tap dance in the office. Start Very Serious Work Meetings with a song, and will throw any idea out there no matter how crazy it may seem. I blog about things that may make me look nutty. I tell funny stories that make others laugh with me at my weaknesses. There is a certain part of me that is just OK with being out there, who cares what the rest of the world may think?

But feeling foolish…Now that is a different kind of story. There is a certain kind of feeling foolish that sends me screaming for the hills. Its the foolishness that comes from loving too much and caring too deeply and trusting too much and being let down by that love. And I fear it more than anything. It is the foolishness felt by a lovesick teenager who realizes her crush doesn’t notice her. It is the foolishness felt by a wife when she realizes that her husband is leaving her. It is the foolishness felt by a friend when she realizes that she has asked too much of dear friends who give and give but are tired of giving right now. It is the foolishness felt by a happy visitor when she has realized she has stayed too long. It is the foolishness felt by the person standing in the town square, her heart wide open and bleeding for all to see.

Yeah that kind of foolishness scares the sweet bejezus out of me.

In the weeks and months after Juan left I felt foolish like this a lot. I didn’t believe for one second that others thought I looked foolish, but frankly that didn’t matter. I felt exposed and vulnerable and sick to my stomach. And when I finally stopped feeling that way I decided I didn’t ever want to feel that way again.

There was a time when this fear would come up I would react. Listen to the loud alarm in my head without really understanding what it said. The alarm would say run, act angry, say something mean, PROTECT YOURSELF AT ALL COSTS and I would. Reflexively. Not that long ago when it came up I would ignore it, pretend it didn’t exist, or worse still throw stones at it.

But these days when this fear comes up I just notice it. I say hello. Invite it down for tea and ask it to tell me what is really going on. It speaks to me about not being good enough. It speaks to me of hoping to hard. It speaks to me of knowing my place, standing in line, waiting my turn and not expecting too much. I listen without accepting all that this fear has to say, but I can’t quite ask her to leave. At least not yet. I am afraid of what I will do without her.

This is a tough fear to have when one has set ones mind and heart to fearless true love. And yet it seems that the two may go hand in hand-at least in my heart. This week, last week, I realized how much this fear just simmers under the surface–in some ways I guess and the more I lead with my heart, the more I jump into life with both feet, the louder it can become. Somehow in seeking a life of fearless true love, it is the fear that doesn’t want to let go. But it is the one that MUST go for me to truly live this life. It is the one I must learn to leave behind. Because to love you must always risk feeling foolish.

I can’t say why I feel the need to post this tonight. Its just been on my mind, I suppose. Its the clutter I need to remove from my life. The excess I need to give up. The candle and prayer that I light for myself each and every evening as the sun goes down.

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4 Responses to “On the flip side of the coin”

  1. Jen Ballantyne Says:

    I love this post Meg, you describe that type of ‘foolish’ so well. I actually feel it as I read your definitions. Yes, I know it well, or should I say ‘her’ , she visits me sometimes too and I can’t quite ask her to leave either. Maybe someday soon though…maybe someday soon. Be true to yourself as always my very dear friend. I love you and look forward to our phone chat. xxx.

  2. Kara aka Mother Henna Says:

    OMG, I know *exactly* what you mean, Meg! It is such a hard wrestle to pull it out from under the surface of my skin. Here’s how it went/is going for me:

    I got preggers with Dakota on our honeymoon, so I was in love love love and just thought all was meant to be and life was Goddess-granted and wasn’t it all grand.

    Then I gave birth and Dakota was dead.
    I was so wrecked. I couldn’t believe I had believed and loved so much only to find myself refusing to hold my son because I was mad at him for being dead — and then refusing to take care of myself because I was mad at my body for conspiring in his stillbirth.

    Thoughts like: “Never never never again will I love that much never” and “If I were to ever try again, I would not invest so much love in my pregnancy”.

    And then a funny thing happened. I had a dream in which the guru Papaji showed up and he was laughing at me as I stood on this beach stomping and screaming, “never never never again”.

    And he asked me, “Why would you not do that again? Would you love and invest less in your next child just because there is risk of death? Will you love your partner less because there is risk of death? Will you really never invest in your own heart and self again because you will die on yourself one day?”

    Hmmmm. Okay. Well, he had a point there. I totally get it. From the instance he said it to me, I totally got it. But it has been a complicated business these last few years to untwine that foolish feeling from beneath the surface of my skin.

    Anyway… thank you for writing and posting this to share with us. It’s another strand unraveled for me. Omg, there are others who totally understand this, and I am not alone. My heart to you!


  3. Karen Says:

    there is a zen saying, “There is no difference between a fool and a wise man.” They behave the same, but a wise man realizes that there is no such thing as foolish.

    I know I sound wise, but I’m not near foolish enough!

  4. Noel Says:

    I jumped in to fearless true love last week, and it came close to being true. Didn’t last. But the beginnings were pure joy. The crash was hard for about… oh, 2 hours hehe. Really, crying and all that. It hurt, but I’m good again, and trying to see what I learned from it.

    I have a fear of being wrong. I always have to feel I have the correct information, correct report etc. I’m getting back into my art as a way to tell my soul it’s ok to not be wrong or right.