If it seems I have fallen off the face of the earth this week, I haven’t.  Its just been a busy, crazy, wonderful, falling down nutty week–full of activity and drama.  There was hockey to watch and sob over, live music to go see, a sweet 6 year old boy to cuddle, and an amazing party to plan.  I can’t wait to tell you about this last one but its got to happen first.  I am almost afraid to speak of it, for fear that I will somehow attach some expectation to it that will just ruin it for me.

I remember when Juan’s Tio Gordo and Tia Fidelina built their new house.  It was a spectacular house in a modest village–two stories high with balconies dripping with bougainvillea.  People came from 5 villages away to see it, to celebrate its birth.  We too went down to Veracruz for the house blessing.  The event was bigger than a wedding and wonderful in all the ways that happy occasions are but I personally found the rituals around the party were more delicious than the party itself.  There was the shopping for the perfect ingredients, the purchase of a big spoon worthy of a witch’s cauldron, to stir mole for 500 over an open fire.  There were two nights straight of cooking, grinding corn, cooking mole over coals, forming tamales by hand.  There was the afternoon setting up the stage for the band.  And then the magical party itself.

Its gonna be like the next few days.  It started today as we passed emails around, solidifying our plans.  Tomorrow Odette and I will rise with the sun, get Max off to school and we will start to shop and then chop.  All afternoon sisters will come in through our front door wielding knives and will join us in the chopping, the wine, the singing.   Then at 6 we will take our food to store in a big industrial fridge at the photo studio where we will work to set up our fete.  Ten of us will drag tables and lights and music equipment around and transform a photo studio into something else.  When we wake the next morning there will be more cooking, more running to the liquor store, more final preparations.  And then there will be a party.  A party for a very special woman, my housemate Odette.  A simple and beautiful person who walked through our magic door and changed all our lives in ways we cannot even begin to explain, ways we are all still trying to understand.  Bands will wander on and off stage, bread will be broken and wine will flow and in the end, we will have raised money for her girls, preparing them a home for a someday soon reunion, building them a family to walk into, preparing them a place of rest.

Thinking about it all I just feel giddy and grateful.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

2 Responses to “Make Ready”

  1. evan Says:

    Awesome party! I hope you raised lots of money. 🙂

  2. maggie, dammit Says:

    Oooohhh, this sounds so delicious, so divine! I’m inspired by the idea of the journey as much as the party itself. I wish I could somehow pop into your life for a day and sip and chop alongside your remarkable friends. Enjoy every last minute!