I am sitting in a place of radical trust right now. I am walking down a dark street and knowing I am safe. I am following a path that is lit only one or two steps ahead of me but of knowing that where it takes me is where I need to be. I am tumbling down a rabbit hole, no choice but to trust that I will land in a soft place.

The world has turned upside down and I am falling. Or am I flying? Is there any difference?

I am here in a field, this poem by TS Eliot the bed on which I lay my head. Each word a blade of soft grassy green:

A condition of complete simplicity/ (Costing not less than everything)/And all shall be well and/All manner of things shall be well…

It is what holds me. This meadow.

Is it a meadow or is it a magic carpet lifting me up, holding me above all the possibilities that could be right now. But aren’t.

I close my eyes and feel the power of this radical trust run through my veins. I feel all the places in my heart where I have been closed up and where the trust is bumping up against blockages. I know the only way to survive will be to finally allow them to break. To open, to do nothing but open.

To succumb to radical trust and know that my life will never be the same again.

This is a journey of not knowing and choosing to trust, to love any way. This is the way home to myself.

2 Responses to “Transition”

  1. bella Says:

    what a journey.
    it is a hard one and yet the only one, in some ways.
    sending you courage and love.

  2. Jennifer/The Word Cellar Says:

    Eliot’s words always seem to resonate with me when I’m in such paradoxically powerful and fragile states. Thanks for sharing from such a tender place.