Max and I are on vacation. We are up for our yearly jaunt to Maine. I am writing this early, scheduling it to post. We have no wifi up there….no internet access for miles around. There is no cell phone coverage…and actually no old fashioned land line phones. All there is to disturb a nap is the slam of the screen porch door, the distant sounds of children in the water. If you want to find me you are going to have to be close enough to yell.

This is our third year making this trip. We spend seven days with a group of my cousins and their children, all of us lined up in little homes so close to the water you could trip coming out your door and get wet. Its the perfect balance of solitude and community and each of the last two years I come home feeling as though I have been away for a year. My batteries are recharged and I am ready to tackle whatever life has in store.

Two years ago, I needed the trip to rest. I was so weary from single parenting, I was so beaten down emotionally from the trip Juan and I had been down. I spent long hours reading…in the early morning on my screened in porch, in the afternoon in the sunshine in an Adirondack chair by the lake, in the nighttime in my bed. I was a battery that just got plugged in the the earth, to the quiet and go filled up.

Last year I was in a different turning place. I went and spent time sleeping, rejuvenating, painting. I was cranky when I needed to be and hid in my cottage some.  I ran with the kids, kayaked on the lake and slept some more. I drank in the space to emerge, new social and ready to take on a new life…ready to build community…ready to blossom.

This time, I am yet again in a new space. So much has been happening in my right brain. I have felt infantlike–taking it all in but not at all able to articulate in language what I am experiencing. I don’t know what Maine will offer me as a way to process this all but I am sure that it will deliver what I need.

I am going to re-run some of my favorite traveling posts this week–just for fun. Rest assured I will be writing and when I come home I will have new material and hopefully will be back to my writing self. I know things have been mighty slow on this blog front–perhaps the quiet will give me what I need to get moving.

3 Responses to “Far Far Away”

  1. Ruthie Says:

    Have a blessed time, Meg Casey. Sounds like an environment that reaches out to you and meets you where
    you are, giving you just what you need at the time. Versatility, flexibility….what a great place!

  2. maggie, dammit Says:

    Don’t know if you’ll see this, but — god as my witness — you’re living the book I want to be reading right now. I scoured the shelves at the bookshop tonight because I wanted to read about a summer place in New England, even though I’ve never been to one. I’ve just been missing it somehow, which feels impossible, considering you can’t really miss something you never had — can you? Anyway, I just wanted to go there in a book.

    And then I came home and read your blog. Spooky.

    Enjoy, my gosh, enjoy.

  3. Jennifer Ballantyne Says:

    Darling, hoping you have a wonderful time away. I am sure you will make the most of whatever this time away has to offer. Enjoy, rejuvenate, soak in the sun and I can’t wait to ‘catch’ up when you get back. Love you, J xxxx