Hello.  My name is Meg.  And I am a Weeds addict.

Not weed people.  Weeds.  The Showtime TV show.

I am sitting here long after most reasonable people go to bed, desperately clutching the phone, waiting for Jackie to call–like a junkie waiting for a dealer to phone her back.  Must-get-my fix.

In order to keep the habit under control, Jackie and I promise we will only watch TOGETHER.  Its just social.  Really.  But we call each other late at night with shaky voices–“Can you come over tonight?  Are the kids in bed?  Are you up for it?” and we promise ourselves–we’ll just watch one episode.  Just one.  Honestly.  But then we can’t help ourselves and before long we are sprawled out on the couches, strung out on good sh*t brain candy TV,  popcorn and chocolate.  Looking longingly at the DVD of the next season, looking nervously at the clock–can we watch one more and still get up with the kids?  Can we keep living this double life?

Jackie walks into the house declaring, “I think I may be trading in my marriage for Weeds…”  Oh the shame of it.  But I gotta go…My girl is waiting for me.

Tomorrow is another day.

One Response to “A confession”

  1. Sara Says:

    Hey I can relate. Wes and I are juggling Weeds and the Wire Netflix style and they’re both very addictive.