I just heard the perfect song.  It was the first time this particular song saw the light of day and I feel so honored, so privileged, to watch its birth.  I want to sit and cradle this new song and the friend who was so brave to let its authenticity live.  I want to light a candle and whisper a prayer of thanksgiving and sit anew in the world which is just a tiny bit more sane with this song born, a tiny bit more real, more clear because of the illumination these notes brought.  In Spanish, the term for giving birth is ‘dar luz‘–to give light.  I think nothing is more appropriate than this.  I say these words over and over again as I hum…

There are moments, blissful moments, when if we are still enough we can bear witness to life giving birth to itself over and over again.  Its not a theory or a concept people but real real stuff, happening every day all around with every breath, and we…well I…miss so much of it.  It is the child digging deep into his pocket to feed a hungry woman, it is the writer whose words explode across the page and leap and crack open walls around hearts and set the world upright again, it is the potter who makes a cup that fits perfectly into my hand, fitting into the curve of my palm like the hand of a beloved, it is the kiss of the old friend who has made a bed because it is the only things she knows to do in the face of suffering.

It happens every day, all around and frankly at this moment at 2:23 am, awake to the splendor, there is nothing I can do but lay my head on this pillow and weep from the joy of it:   life, unfolding perfectly, with its pain and its grief and its unfolded laundry and its dirty dishes and unexpected heartbreaks and its perfect perfect songs.

2 Responses to “Singing Perfect Songs”

  1. Patricia Dolan Says:

    Your words provide such comfort and solace in my times of infantile grief. Your insight is a balm against some of life’s unspeakable hardships. Your perspective allows me to shift from the sad news that I received this morning about my Dad to moments that I can handle this if just in this moment.

    Thank you for being here.


  2. flutter Says:

    This is so beyond beautiful