Buck up, bear down, dig in and wait it out.

Find the silver lining. 

Shift perspective-see the lesson–trust the reason. 

Hold it all lightly. Claim its all interesting.   

Say it is living

Know that it is dying.


Slam the door.  Shout at the moon.

Kick and scream and don’t go easy.

Cry.  Flail.  Blame.  Plead.

Dance.  Sing.  Weep.  Laugh.

Build walls.  Tear them down.

Sweep up dirt.  Air out laundry.

Notice.  See.  Listen.  Question.

None of this changes anything.   Nothing changes anything but the passing of time.

And even time makes no promises.


I used to think that if I got it right, if I learned my lessons, if I bore my lot with dignity that I would be rewarded.  Rewarded with rest.

I used to think that if I slayed the gremlins, if I journeyed bravely, if I kept up in the storms that I would find the Holy Grail and would be rewarded.  Rewarded with some peace.

I used to think that if I somehow figured it out, that if I unlocked the mystery, that if I  mastered the game there would be a magic transformation and all would be easier, simpler, picture perfect

 Yet, it seems that the reward is really practice.

 Practice in order to buck up, bear down, dig in and wait it out….

again and again and again.

4 Responses to “Practice”

  1. Karen Maezen Miller Says:

    There is a reward! It is the reward of no-reward; the result of the effort of no-effort. You have to experience it by letting go of outcome. Then, freedom and ease and the perfection of what already is.

    But yes: practice. Without it, all of this is only a torturous idea.

    You are the way.

  2. Patricia Dolan Says:

    Rock on Meg!

    Today’s post speaks so LOUD and CLEAR to me. I’m following Karen’s advice to let go because holding on is exhausting on all levels lol!!

    You spoke my language today and for this, thank you!


  3. tami Says:

    I hear you! It is a spiral – round and round – and yet we learn from each spiral around the “the buck up, bear down, dig in, and wait it out”. The reward is the journey . . . (hard to fathom, but I try.)

  4. Jen Ballantyne Says:

    Ain’t it the truth!!! Love you darling girl, hugs xxx