1.  Sitting on the edge of the the water and watching the sun set with a glass of wine in my hand.

2.  Making tea in a copper kettle.

3.  Feeling the arms of my beloveds around me.

4.  Lighting candles at the dinner table.

5.  Hearing the rain and the wind on the windows.

6.  Being on the Eastern Shore with my favorite people.

7.  Knowing that I will come home to Odette, home at last from the hospital.

8.  The light.  The light.  The beautiful golden autumn light. 

9.  Hungarian mushroom soup.

10.  The Pogues…oh and Freddie King.

11.  Knowing I am loved.   Deeply loved.

What about you?  What is making your heart sing this weekend? 

One Response to “The things I am loving right now”

  1. flutter Says:

    this post made me so happy, what a beautiful introduction to your world