This is where I go, deep in the woods, deep into the water, deep into my heart to find stillness.  To find the silence that can only be found here, the silence I notice when the rock hits the water.    To stay.

I dreamed this place.  I dreamed these words.  I dreamed this moment once upon a time.   I dreamed tomorrow too and kisses by garage doors as goodbyes are said and sighs are uttered when love decides its time to go home.  But now there is nothing but hello over and over and over again.    hello to the sky.  hello to the water.  hello to the rocks on the shore.

It feels as I thought I have been here for thousands of years.  It feels as though my roots are sunk in this soil, as though my branches are these arms that wrap around me and keep me safe, as though this sky my sheltering place.

In the glassy stillness of the water I see a reflection–I whisper to myself as the sunlight makes the water dance “This is what love looks like.”

3 Responses to “What Love Looks Like”

  1. flutter Says:

    yes it is, it absolutely is

  2. Jena Says:


  3. Jen Ballantyne Says:

    Beautiful Meg! Love that photo, it is so evocative. Love you, hugs J xxx