Number of dogs belonging to hospitalized people I love that I will walk today:  2

Number of bags of dog poop I have thrown out (before lunch):  3 

Number of servings of soup I made and froze this week for delivery:  12

Number of children I will pick up from school or the bus stop to cover our babysitter who is recovering from her surgery:  6

Number of crazy (but purely lovable) dear male friends who thought he might be able to WALK HOME from OUTPATIENT SUGERY on the bottom of HIS FOOT who I tracked down at the pharmacy and drove home:  (thankfully only) 1

Number of times I stopped to say a prayer of thanksgiving for the beautiful life I get to live, the people I love and my ability to give to them, and my healthy beautiful child who has made me laugh several times already today:  at least 100.

Seems like its been a pretty good day.

One Response to “My life as defined by the stats today”

  1. flutter Says:

    That is an amazing day.