It is raining now and quiet in this house of mine.  Downstairs Odette and her friend are laughing their heads off watching a Nigerian comedy.  I can hear them all the way up here.  My sick boy is sleeping next to me — finally falling asleep after the cramps in his tummy started to unknot.  I am relieved.

There is an undecorated Christmas tree in my living room and the office is full of boxes.  The new printer I bought was knocked over by the little girl I was watching and is upside down, but not broken–I hope.    The living room is full of toys and papers and the dining room table is loaded with things I can’t quite decide what to do with.  I think there are crumbs on the floor so I dare not look down.  I am working late into the night again at a job that is interesting and my throat hurts.  But not so much.  I have no clean underwear and I am wondering if I have it in me to throw that load into the wash so I can wear some tomorrow. 

There are so many things going through my brain right now.   To-do lists and stories mostly.  There are no fewer than three coats here on my bed and no fewer than 3 books on the floor.  I had Peruvian chicken with the really yummy spicy green sauce for dinner.  Thats good stuff.

In a few minutes I will send one last email and be done for the night–done with my paid work that is.  I might just call the rest of it a night too and curl up with a book.  Or maybe I will wash my underwear.  Or maybe I will pick up my guitar because I haven’t played her in two weeks and I miss it.  I don’t know. 

This is me, right now, December 16th at 10:38 pm.  Completely and utterly a lovely mess and completely and utterly happy. 

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