So many of the notes in our holiday card have wished me a happier, easier year in 2009. While I have been touched by the friends who have recognized that this year was a big year, and challenging year at our home I have also been a bit confused. Looking back I feel nothing but gratitude for this year, for the gifts and the growth. Does that sound too Pollyanna? I don’t mean it to be…And its not that I am denying the difficulty of what we have faced this year.  There have been real ups and downs.

Its true that 2008 has been a year that has felt a little bit like spiritual boot camp–but truth of the matter, I like I have been whipped into a new shape. Now that I am through it I can’t imagine where I would be without these trials. Sure, I hope 2009 brings us lots of blessings, but I guess I have stopped trying to define what “blessing” look like.

Still, this whole mental exercise, this questioning why friends thought our year might have been “tough” led me down a trip down memory lane. It lead me to this blog–which I so often don’t go back and read.  Its lead me to want to post here some of the posts that captured my poignant, even if they were impossibly difficult moments in 2008, the ones that make me bow my head in gratitude, some of the moments that were teachers and and now, old friends.   To honor them, these moments and acknowledge them before I bless them and let them go.

Thank you 2008…Thank you for the sweet gifts of laughter, joy, love that I experienced in your embrace.  And thank you for the lessons, the growth and the opportunities you gave me to dive deeper into my own heart’s wisdom. 

  • A Good Year:  The reappearance of my dear Jenni’s cancer called on both of us to question how we would live if we had only a year left.   
  • Somebody Loved:  My divorce hearing in February called me to look back at the journey of love I had been on with Juan, and how at the end of all this mess, I really found myself.    
  • Everyday Magic and the Gift of Wings:  A reflection on what happens when the Universe is in charge  
  • Rum, Serendipity and the Lass…:An ode to faith, the magic in the universe, the gift of friendship and things working out exactly as they should  
  • Transition :  What happens when the bottom falls out and when things get turned on their head.
  • Real:  What Max taught me about seeing and being seen  
  • Held:  My birthday card to myself. 
  • Things that Go Bump in the Night:  On fear and facing it  
  • Stay:What I learned about winter when I finally settled in.  

3 Responses to “Eight for ’08 (plus one for good measure)”

  1. Trish Says:


    Another great post. I’m goin to read this posts again. Thank you for being a guiding spirit to me.

    Love and hug to share,

  2. flutter Says:

    thank you for doing this, have a wonderful new year

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