On Saturday night, after dropping off a dear friend with her family, Max and I went to the Festival of Lights at the Mormon Temple just outside of DC.  It was bitterly cold and Max and I snuggled together under the extra layer of my coat, walking like a three legged monster through the fairy land.   Each barren tree was transformed into a firewords display–frozen in the height of its glory.

“Mama,” Max asked me “Why do we decorate with all these lights at Christmas?”  I reached deep into my knowing to answer him, not satisfied with pat answers such as “tradition” in a place that seemed so full of magic. 

“Well, baby…See its like this.  This is the deepest, darkest, coldest time of the year.  Its the time of year when it seems like summer will never come again.  But the light reminds us of God’s love.  We decorate the trees and our house with the lights to remind us that even in the darkest hours that God’s light is here.  When Jesus was born he brought light to this world and thats what we celebrate at Christmas.  Truth is baby, we all carry God’s light inside us.  The Christmas lights remind us that we need to let that light shine–even when–especially when the night is darkest.”

“Cool”, he said. 

Cool indeed.

This season has been especially still and quiet on our end.  We have had few parties and instead have opted to stay in and go to bed early.  It has felt right.  This season, I have felt so much like one of those shepherds.  Those shepherds keeping watch in the deep dark night, not sure what will come, but trusting, trusting that they shouldn’t be afraid. 

For the last week or so these words are the ones that echo over and over again in my head

A thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices…For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn

Fall on your knees…oh hear the angel voices….Oh night divine…Oh night when Christ was born

No matter our religous beliefs, no matter what we what we call it, Christ, God made human, is born over and over again in each of us.  We are called out of the dark, still, silent night to love unconditionally, and be light for one another.    This is our birthday, each of us.  This is the reminder of the light that was given to us when we were born.  This light–this magical light…Let it shine, tonight and every night.

May you have a blessed and beautiful Christmas and may you know stillness, inner peace and light.

3 Responses to “Oh Holy Night”

  1. Patricia Dolan Says:


    What a beautiful post…you’re words are dollops of dessert in this Winter wonderland…O Holy Night is my FAVORITE Christmas song. Ever. I am so very, very blessed that we met up and I adore you even more that imaginable. Thank you for being such a guiding light to me.

    Love, Trish

  2. Jen Ballantyne Says:

    Darling, you have touched something inside me once again dear Meg, I think your answer to Max just perfect. I will borrow this little story if I may and tell it to Jack. (I also adore that Christmas Carol)xx

  3. Aunt Mo Says:

    My sweet Meglet…….We are in Maine at Rich and Nichole and Zac’s for a post Christmas weekend as Mom and Dad are with you and Max. I have introduced Rich and Nichole to your blog page and Nichole is excited to be able to read your postings as we move forward in life. Of course Rich states all he does on line is read the newspaper or his email…Men….can’t live with em, can’t live without em and can’t kill em : )
    Your writings are wonderful and I so enjoy reading them in my quietest moments. I love you both….Aunt Mo