Tonight is Boys Night at our house. 

Alex, Julian and Max have been buddies since infanthood, sharing a babysitter, toys and their food.  They fight and love each other fiercely.  Like brothers.  When Alex went off to Kindergarten, Max and Julian held hands and met him at the bus each day.   When Julian joined Alex at the Spanish-immersion elementary school, Max waited patiently for that yellow bus to pull up for an hour of bliss each afternoon. 

But now that school is out for the summer, they luxuriate in long sleepy days together under the watchful eye of their Nana.  Building, running, climbing, hour after long hour wrapped up in imaginary play.  Good hard physical boy play.  Rolling on the ground, pretend fighting, all poopy jokes and pretend farts.  And giggling.  There is always lots of non-stop giggling.  In the evenings it is hard to pull them apart. 

So every now and again we don’t.  They will sleepover at one house or another.  But our house has a special mystique–There are no big sisters here.  Boys rule at our house.  The will spend all night screeching with laughter, building blanket forts, and launching pillows at the mom at the computer and no one will roll their eyes or beg “MOM…make them stop!”.

Tonight they wait at the door for me to arrive home from work like puppies, wagging their tails and begging for pizza.  Please please PLEASE can we order pizza AND have a movie?!?.  I pick up the phone and call for delivery.  Who can resist making such dreams come true?

As I write this they tumble through the dining room at full speed.  Strip off their clothes and pull on pajamas, and then explode back downstairs to finish the movie, pure joy and silliness.  I want to bottle their laughter.

Pillow Fight

Pillow Fight

And tonight, when the movie is done they will curl up like the puppies that they are, together in each others arms in a big pile in the living room.  Sweet sweet boys.

Some days its not all bliss with these three. There are hurt feelings, hurt limbs.  But usually compassion rules the day.  When one of them gets hurt, the other two run for ice.  When there is only one icecream sandwich left, Max and Alex let Julian have it because “We know he loves them SO MUCH.”

I pray that they will always have each other these friends who knew each other before the Boy Code reared its ugly head, before society tried to convince them that they shouldn’t cry in public, or express affection for one another.   I pray that when the storms of adolescence rock their world that they will remember the security they felt on summer days falling down laughing and summer evenings falling into each others arms.  

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