that magic is all around and miracles are unfolding right under our noses and we just need to open our eyes to see them

that chocolate is a health food and chai tea can warm the heart and together they can heal deep soul wounds

that I could lose everything but my child and I would be rich, panicked maybe, but rich…

that dancing is better than sleeping

that connection, family and friendship should always come first

that we all can see right past the walls into each others hearts but most of us are too afraid most of the time

that seeing people–really seeing them without expectations or judgment–is the most radical and revolutionary and scary thing you can do

that tears and laughter both need to flow freely

that cooking for each other and sharing food is an intimate act

that writing and art is soul-saving

that learning to live without fear is a lifetime adventure

that many people mistake security for love and sadly never get the opportunity to learn the difference 

that most answers come from silence

that the great art comes from being awake–to pain, to joy, to fear, to beauty, to love.  Most of us have an easier time being awake to the harder stuff and thats why people think the great artists were all tortured souls

that nothing is all one thing. 

2 Responses to “I believe”

  1. Trish Says:


    I’m printing this out and I’m enclosing it within my journal for inspiration.


  2. jennifer ballantyne Says:

    I do believe you’re on to something here! Love you sweetheart, Jen xxxx