Sometimes it seems the world is falling apart.  The economy is tumbling, fires are raging, people we love are fighting for their lives.  In the thick of it all, fighting our way through the smoke, it seems that we should be content to take pleasure in the simple things.

Today at Quaker meeting, a man stood up and remarked that sometimes even the “so-called simple pleasures in life”, spending time with family, loving your children, sitting in silence can be the most complicated and messy.  His words rang true for me, as tried to steady myself from a a week, a month, a heck a season that has been a bit of a roller coaster ride. 

Simple is apparently not always easy.  I am finding that true in a thousand different ways.  Its real work to simply stay present.  Its real work to simply be.  Its real work to stay rooted to the earth, to keep my feet on the ground, to not get caught up in either worries or dreams.  

Simplicity, authenticity takes courage.  It means daring to speak the truth.  It means pushing past fear.    It means giving up wishes and visions and hope.  It means allowing ourselves to be boiled down to the core of our hearts, distilled down to our very essence.  In order to truly be present to that which simply is, it means letting go of all illusions of what might be in a few years, months, or even minutes. 

Love, friendship, family and beauty:  they are messy, difficult, and even tedious.  Opening up to them, really opening up, means being attentive to the voices in our heads and the stories that we tell–the ones that say we are not good enough, or that they are not good enough or that really it is all about to fall apart anyway.   

Being simple, embracing the simple, takes practice.    

3 Responses to “Simple Gifts”

  1. Jena Says:

    You are singing my song, Meg.

  2. Karen Maezen Miller Says:

    It’s the laundry. Do it regularly.

  3. Jennifer Ballantyne Says:

    Beautifully written as always Meg, you continue to reach out and touch people with your words. Love you, Jen xx.