My life is full of magic.  Just ask St Anthony. When I was a little girl, I lost everything.  My father still talks about how I lost my blazer in 4th grade.  I lost my homework, I lost my money, I lost my way.  I spent a good portion of my early life looking for things.  In college, my roommate Cindy would tell me it was time to go to dinner a full 10 minutes early because she had to build in time for me to locate my id and dining card.  Somewhere along the way, in desperation of some sort, someone taught me the St Anthony prayer.  

St Anthony, St Anthony…please look around, Something is lost and Can’t be found…We are looking for (insert name of thing we have lost here)    

This frantic looking for something lost, sometimes it feels as though it is my destiny, or maybe my curse.  I am a seeker.  Always looking for something that has slipped through my fingers.  Always thinking that the thing I need is somewhere else, somewhere hidden, somewhere far away. Over the last few years I have found the St Anthony prayer to work remarkably.  I don’t know whether it is a little trick which triggers my brain to remember exactly where I put the lost thing, or whether it is truly a magic calling spell or whether a lovely saint with a bald head and the baby Jesus in his arms intervenes…but does it matter?  For now, no matter what I have lost, it turns up no sooner than the words to the prayer slip out of my mouth.  I have come to believe that the magic is that I am starting to trust that it never was really lost to begin with.   It was always exactly where it needed to be and I just needed to open my eyes to see it.  The St Anthony prayer is the key that unlocks that faith in my heart and opens my eyes.Lately I have been spending lots of time looking for other things I thought I had lost:  the meaning of it all, love, my sanity, balance.  I feel like that woman who is frantically looking around for her glasses which are right on top of her head.  Seems like a little trust is in order…Trust that these things are right where they are meant to be and that all I need to do is open my eyes and I might just see them.  The lesson is stop seeking and simply look.  Its always there.  Right in front of you. 

3 Responses to “What is lost is always found”

  1. Alyson Says:

    My favorite post of yours 🙂 Thanks!!

  2. Trish Says:

    I can’t even convey to you how timely and similar our circumstances are….much to detailed to share here…you are so right on target…we need to catch up!!


  3. Jen Ballantyne Says:

    Hi darling girl, as long as you don’t lose your gorgeous, kind, generous soul you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Hugs Jen xxx