This was the scene at my house yesterday evening.  

The mother (that would be me) was hunched over her computer, paying bills and trying to solve yet another money issue.

The Boy:  Mom, is this a permanent marker?

The Mom:  Um…show it to me?

The boy thrust the marker in front of his mother’s computer screen.  She did not look at the child-just the marker.

The Mom:  Nope.  No babe…Its not permanent

The Boy:  Oh thank goodness.

The Mom:  Max…why thank goodness?  

And then she looked..


Thank goodness nothing is permanent. 

One Response to “Nothing is Permanent”

  1. Elizabeth Harper Says:

    What a darling post …he’s talented in his design as well.

    He looks like an action hero with superpowers…he must get that from his mom.