This weekend, exhausted and turned inside out in the wash, I stumbled downstairs to my bookcase and found the Alchemist.  I hadn’t read it in so long and I had the feeling that if I reread it I would learn something I desperately needed to know.

The Alchemist is one of those books that feels different to me each time I read it–its lessons so rich I think that I could read it a thousand times over and each time take something different.  And after several nights, having circled back to the end once again, what I am know is that even as I follow my path, in search of my destiny, whatever that may be, my greatest treasure is always right here, under my pillow, in my heart and that with every difficult climb and stumble I may see it more or less clearly but it is always right here and has been right here.  If I follow my rainbow in search of my pot of gold it will lead me back in a circle to big ol heart, cracking wide open and tender.  Stumble, trip, discover, over and over again…in search of treasure buried deep in my heart…but the journey is well worth it.

And speaking of treasure, here are a few things that have made me feel as though I have just found a leprechaun’s pot of gold:

This poem by this man which set my heart straight about what I am waiting for

This song, with this lovely video by way of my dear friend Jen

This magical place that I know I will end up at one day to train my healer’s hands

This recipe for good old fashioned comfort food

This child who’s laughter never fails to undo me

This team, that never fails to delight me, even when they lose

This cider, which is like liquid gold to me

This new band which I can’t get enough of    

Happy St Pats to you.

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