I have a friend named Kaiya.  She is a healer and a tender and wise old soul.  When I met her, I recognized her instantly–a kindred spirit, a long held sister.  There are times when I believe we have been friends for lifetimes, that centuries ago she whispered ancient healing secrets to me as we huddled around a campfire.

Kaiya and I are both mug snobs.  That is, we are extraordinarily picky about the vessels from which we drink our tea.  They must have a certain weight, a certain size, a certain curve to fit our hands.  This Christmas Kaiya gave me the perfect mug.  Handthrown, it is as though the potter knew the shape of my hands when she formed it.  The colors are clear and bright, and spoke to me of gentle bays and sandy shores, the kind that I know hold me when I let go of my fears.  The weight is just perfect, substantive without being burdensome. 

But what is more important about my mug is that Kaiya made it magic.  She filled it with unconditional love an endless supply.  When she gave it to me, one late December eve, she said in a voice juicy and soft, “When you are feeling a little hurt, a little lonely, a little sad, drink from this mug and take in my love for you.” 

For weeks everything I drank, water, tea, juice, wine–I drank it out of that magic mug.

When I am feeling undone, when I am weary, when I think I can’t face the morning, sometimes the idea of a steaming hot cup of Chai out of that magic mug is all I need to settle my wandering heart.  A sip of tea from Kaiya’s mysterious mug and suddenly the slog, the daily grind, the mundane and difficult, it all feels doable.  And I can take another step.

I have often wondered about the power of Kaiya’s mug–not where it comes from but rather what would happen if we all had a cup like that.   I wonder what a difference it would make in the world if everyone felt cherished in one way or another-if we all felt we could drink from the well of an ancient unconditional love.

And I wonder what would change if we each through our intentions could change simple objects like plates and cups into vessels to pass on love.  What if we could turn every touch, every handshake from a routine gesture into a transfer of joy or hope or support.    I wonder what would shake loose and what could be let go and what would suddenly become easy. 

3 Responses to “Meg and the Magical Mystery Mug”

  1. Trish Says:


    You are loved, you are cherished, you are adored unconditionally far and wide. Your ‘cup’ runneth over and nourishes your audience cyberwide and friendship-full.

    Thank you for nourishing me today.


  2. Deb Says:

    Hi Meg, I just found your blog thru a series of wandering pages of the Internet. You have touched me and given me something that I can’t quite name, perhaps it is a kindred spirit but with someone who has found her voice. I am looking for mine, to be able to write and connect the dots from existential wanderings to everday reality is a gift. Asante sana.

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