If I had more than 5 minutes to write I would write a story about emptiness.  About how hard it is to clear out all the junk and just sit.  How the minute I feel that empty feeling I feel the need to fill it–with what…with chatter, with stuff, with something distracting, with color and music and flashing lights. 

If I had more than 5 minutes to write I tell a fable about a girl who is trying to stop doing and create wide open spaces in her heart.  A fable about what happens when you don’t rush to fill it with something comforting but let the universe instead decide how to fill the open spaces.  But maybe it wouldn’t be about a girl.  Maybe it would be about a bowl.  Or a ditch or a cow. 

If had more than 5 mintues to write I would spin a tale about how the universe abhors a vacuum and will fill it up with love if we just are patient enough.  I would reflect though that we often are even quicker to fill up the hollowed out places in our heart with junk substitutions for the love the universe is cooking up for us because the emptiness just feels so…empty.  

If I had more than 5 mintues to write I would confess that I feel chained to the constant practice of emptying my life–that I am so unpracticed and I am so quick to clutter, clog, fill.  That I am realizing that I am being given practices every day, that so much of what I see are challenges are just opportunities to practice letting go, being empty, sitting still.   That every day I do it for a little longer.  That it makes me uncomfortable and weezy and a little dizzy but I am doing it anyway.


3 Responses to “In Just Five Minutes”

  1. Jena Strong Says:

    The Universe abhors a vacuum and will fill it up with love. Patience. I love this. And you. xo

  2. Trish Says:

    Spinning…the world spinning madly (Weepies)…our insides and interior thoughts are sometimes like a spinning chair or a tilt’o’whirl of emotion…fun at first, then scary, then exhilirating than exhausting then silence when it slows.

    It’s tougher to ride it out bareback style than to fill ourselves up with distractions, diversions and clutter..

    I’m proud of you for reminding me to do the same.


  3. Karen Maezen Miller Says:

    Cows are empty, ditches are empty, bowls are empty, you are empty. Even when they are full they are empty. Come to see me and I’ll show you how full is empty.