Max, my son, was named after the boy in the wolf suit in the Maurice Sendak story.  From the moment I first felt him move inside, I somehow knew he would be my wild thing.  And I loved him and his untamable spirit with every bit of my soul.  No other name would do. 

Where the Wild Things Are is one of my all time favorite books.  I loved it as a child.  I loved it as a teacher.  I love it as a parent.  And now, I cannot believe that they are making a movie out of it. 

What is life if it is not an epic journey in a boat we create out of hope and fear?  Who are we if we are not all sweet tender children in wolf costumes, angry and imperfect, but authentic, taming our monsters and loving them all the same,   embracing our fears and then setting sail back home to ourselves to our hearts to everyone who loved us exactly as we are,fierce costume or not.   

I cannot wait. 

2 Responses to “His mother called him Wild Thing…”

  1. Marcia Soto Pirani Says:

    Meg, I’ve been following Jen’s blog for some time and found you through her blog and have now become your blog “stalker”! I looooooove this book, and put one of my “little ones” (now 18 and 6’2) to sleep with it every night. OMG, a movie! I just told him he’s going with me to see it, I don’t care if he’s 18!. Anyway thanks for the bits of inspiration everyday I try to be hopeful girl to, but it is not always so easy. Love and sunshine from Miami.


  2. laura Says:

    oh i am so excited…i love, love, love this story. it’s one of the kids books that i will always keep. i think i will go find it and read it, again!