Circle back round. To yourself. To the place you know so well. To the places that scare you. Go back to your heart and listen closely to what you hear. Is this simply treading over old familiar ground or is it rather a mantra, a remembering, a learning to love yourself again and again? Of needing to return until you know how strong, smart, rich, beautiful and full you are?

In the end, when the lights go out, when the rug gets pulled when it all falls apart that love will keep you hovering. Is it real yet? Do you know it? Do you know you are enough?

I feel I am walking in circles tracing old pathways and discovering them anew this week. It is good, to walk this way again. It is hard sometimes too. And in all this spiraling motion I am seeing that there is no getting over, under or out from who I am. I am, who I am broken and powerful and perfect and messy all at once.

I am seeing that even as I walk there is no forward or backward or even sideways. There is only here. Where I am right now. Sometimes familiar, sometimes strange–but always just right here centered in myself. Can I open my eyes and see that I am balanced here? That I always was–that I just needed to discover it?

Is it that easy?

3 Responses to “Circles”

  1. Jena Says:

    This reminds me of walking a labyrinth.

    Do you know that you are enough? Absolutely, beyond any argument, any forward or backward, just as you are?

  2. Trish Says:

    Pure Poetry.



  3. michael casey Says:

    Hello, I stumbled over you by accident.
    I’m Michael Casey from Birmingham England I’ve got 2 books under my belt but no publisher. I could do with a bit of fairy dust because I’m due to be made redundant on Friday 24/07/09.
    here’s a poem to get you interested.

    Let There Be Light ©

    By Michael Casey

    Let my tears be my words

    Let the candle light be my eyes

    Let the flowers in bloom be my lips

    Let their scent be my blood

    Let the wind be my breath

    Let clouds be my mood

    Let children’s laughter be my hope

    Let widows’ sighs be my conscience

    Let a stranger’s prayers be my delight

    Let the bees be my wisdom

    Let the trees be my strength

    Let my patience reach to the stars

    Let me be always remembered in your prayers