“Its all bullshit”, I said as I slammed the pots into the sink. Tears dripping down my nose. Nothing had happened, so the tears seemed absurd, but maybe that was the point.

Big shifts are taking place in my heart but they are so small. They are the kind of changes that can only be captured by the words…”and then she grew up”. I am finding that unlike the divorce or learning to parent, or discovering my community in this round of the adventure there is no drama. There is no crescendo or aha moments. There is no story worth telling. I keep asking her, my teacher, WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO. She smiles at me and says this time there is no doing.

This time there is just me–learning to feel unconditionally loved–learning to love myself as fiercely as I love my tribe. Learning to be my own rock without letting that rock become a wall. Learning that I can drink my fill from a bottomless well–there is no needing to ask permission or earn my way there. Its is there for me–and it is there for you too.

Learning to receive love…Its not about doing anything at all. Its simply about being.

This can be excruciatingly difficult. And I can’t explain why. Giving up all the stories about why I can’t or don’t deserve or shouldn’t try…Giving up the conditions…”I will be lovable/worthy/accepted when…”, it can set a girl in a tizzy. Its a series of explosion that is knocking down a life time of rules that somehow made it all safe–that set up the game–and gave me a plan. Its pushing my buttons. I am resisting in every way I know how.

Getting rid of the doing as a condition of being loved. It can drive a girl to exclaim that its all bullshit and slam some pots into the sink and wash them.

And then, with tears and pots both dried, there is nothing to do but admit its probably not bullshit afterall.

Sitting in meditation a lot here this week. And simply settling into a practice of doing nothing big or bold or magical but rather simply what needs to be done–Folding the laundry. Sweeping the floor. Paying the bills and shredding the papers. Shopping for groceries and putting gas in the car. Returning the library books. Going to the pool and coming back home again. Going to work. Eating. And kissing Max goodnight.

And noticing, tiny, almost imperceptible shifts that feel like earthquakes…

How do you open up to the love of the universe? How do you stop the endless tap dance that insists we need to hit the performance marks to be loved? How do you give yourself permission to settle into the lap of the world and be held? One breath at a time. Just one breath at a time.

4 Responses to “There is no doing”

  1. Trish Says:

    WOW. This is a heart speaking post. Thank you for sharing. I’m going through my own mini quakes and emotional seismic shifts. After 21 months I ‘woke up’ the the fact that I am the ‘project manager’ to clean out my Father-in-Law’s house who died suddenly in 2007. At first, I could barely be in the house due to the fact that we found him there. Then I was divorced from the property emotionally not taking any responsibility since it wasn’t my house. Last weekend I was the recipient of a not to nice vmail that had been left for me on Thursday and that I had just listened to on Saturday. Then I got two steps above angry. I got decisive and then I got determined. In the past week I’ve had more people in that house socially and work wise than have been in house for the past ten years. I realized that Rob wasn’t going to take much action and I stepped up. It’s funny one vmail and then one other conversation culminated in U-haul vans being rented, furniture being thrown out, glassware and clothes donated to the Salvation, furniture moved downstairs, electricans called, refrigerators delivered, shit thrown out. I’m just beginning but I know when this house is finally uncluttered and it has 40 years worth of clutter that I won’t be the same person and my life will be radically different. The uncluttering of the house is reckoning me to unclutter my life emotionally otherwise. It is all business with me and things are getting done. Two couches are leaving this weekend and more bedroom furniture. I’m grateful for the initial anger it went up in the emotional elevator straight to I’m getting to work and watch out.

    Stay tuned.

  2. Eileen Says:

    Meglet, love you so much. Being with you and Max this past week brightened my spirit and I cannot wait for the next time!

  3. pixiemama Says:

    I came via Jen Lemen on twitter, and found an amazing writer. Thank you for sharing this. It resonates deeply with me, as did your vacation post.


  4. Apelian Says:

    I came via Jen Lemen on twitter, and found an amazing writer. Thank you for sharing this. It resonates deeply with me, as did your vacation post.