I am swimming in words. They trickle down and slide down my forehead, blur my vision, drip down my nose. Words are streaming down on me these days, like the heavy October rains. This is what happens when I don’t write.

Three weeks ago, I decided to take a break. Not really consciously. But I decided it would be OK if I didn’t write because I felt it was time to turn my attention to other things. Not big things. But important things. After a summer on the go, after years of prioritizing my social life over my home, after weeks of birthday celebration, my intuition told me that I needed the slowness, the easiness, the aloneness of simply just living. Not writing about living. Not thinking about living. Just washing dishes. Packing lunches. Taking walks. Reading to my boy. I told myself I would write if I had time, but no pressure. Just for a week or so. The blog would hold.

And then my internet broke. I guess the universe thought I needed a bit more of a break than a week.

Its been most wonderful, this respite. It was so nice letting go of that judging voice that says: “OK girly…get to your computer and write something.” I loved being able to silence the little supportive but annoying voice that said, “have you made time for your morning pages today? If you want your writing to grow you need to spend time writing”

I spent my extra minutes feeling on top of the bills, cleaning the dishes, not feeling guilty about a thousand other things that seem to pile up while I sit here at this computer. I even made some progress at learning to play the F-chord. Its been a productive time here at chez Meg.

But sometime late last week, I noticed that suddenly words were falling around me in the supermarket. They were chasing me in the car. They were piling up like the dirty laundry that was no longer littering my bathroom floor. Random phrases became stuck in my head like songs. I would repeat them over and over again. I missed writing. Really missed it. I kept telling myself, you don’t need the internet to write. But I had equated not having the internet with not writing and it felt good to be on vacation, even as I found myself falling slowly apart.

I am glad to say that today my internet is back and my self imposed hiatus is over. The technician was 4 hours late but here I am, better late than never. I am happy to be at the computer again.

I am awash in words that don’t yet make sense–there are so many stories, none fully formed that are begging for me to play with them.

Mostly, I just wanted to say HI. This is me waving. Shyly, perhaps. But it sure is nice to be back.

6 Responses to “Awash in Words”

  1. Leenie Says:

    Hey meglet,
    Hi right back at ya – was going to call you today to see if all was ok…LOVE YA

  2. Auntie Mo Says:

    Welcome back sweet girl!!!!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    (*shyly waving back* with a little smile creeping across my face)
    Glad for you that you were able, forced or not, to take a break, and selfishly glad you are back online and writing.

  4. Jena Says:

    Play on!

  5. pixiemama Says:


  6. Elizabeth Harper Says:

    I’m shouting a big HELLO and Welcome Back!!

    I am over here, that’s right the woman on the other side of the room creating a big wordy spectacle because I am not shy about saying I missed seeing you here.

    So glad you’re back. 🙂