November is an empty month, hollowed out by the rain and wind, which strips away that which is no longer needed. November dismantles leaf by leaf all that once was beautiful and green and red and gold. November calls to let go and to face the dark quiet, without knowing what comes next. November calls us to let go of everything but our most essential selves and then, even then, to let go of all our ideas about what that might be, and just be..

Dismantling, breaking down, letting go, distilling. It takes a whole lot of faith to settle into the rhythm of the clearing, the making space for something still unknown. A wise woman once told me the faith of a mustard seed would do. I hope so.

4 Responses to “A mustard seed”

  1. pixiemama Says:

    February is that month for me, but yes, I hear you about November, too. Wishing you that faith.


  2. Lindsey Says:

    I love this imagery, thank you – and I totally agree with this being an empty, hollowed-out time.

  3. Lindsey Says:

    just quoted you and linked on my blog – i hope that is okay!

  4. Jena Says:

    I’m letting go of what that might be – which is exactly the way to find my way back to it.