I am in the process of becoming more and more the person I already am, the person I have already been. I am on a journey that takes me home, right here to myself.
I recently had the occasion to hold a new born baby.
Babies are funny creatures.
They are completely capable of receiving love, deep love in all its forms without reservation. They receive it all effortlessly–the practical (food, diaper changes), the physical (nursing, cuddles), the smiles and cuddles what ever comes their way. They don’t think about it, or question the motive. They don’t wonder if they deserve it. They just take it in–indeed their very survival depends on it.
Likewise, babies are capable of bringing forth joy and gratitude, simply by their being. They open up spaces of lightness. They can make the grouchiest old fart smile. They aren’t trying to prove anything. They don’t yet know that there is anything to prove.
We are brought into this world to accept love and to bring forth joy and gratitude. We don’t ever need to learn how. It is who we are. Inherently.
We then spend much our young lives forgetting everything we ever needed to know about ourselves, and then, if we are lucky, wise or awake, we spend another portion of our lives forgetting the forgetting and just coming back home to ourselves. and to the perfect way we always knew how to be before a series of somethings false made us question what we know so deep we need not language to express it.

2 Responses to “The Person I Already Am”

  1. Sandra Says:

    I love that first line – “I am in the process of becoming more and more the person I already am.” love it. That is how it feels to me, too. It requires me to adjust my concepts of change though. One part of change is growing and becoming different, and another is trying to manifest what is already there. For some reason, the second kind of change excites me the most.

  2. Karen Maezen Miller Says:

    How refreshing it is for me to find someone who attests that gratitude needn’t be conjured out of cornbread and cranberries. Brava.