I have been so grumpy lately.  I have been banging-around-the-house grumpy.  I think if only he knew how to spell, Max would be hanging out signs–WANTED: NICE MOM- interviewing for my replacement.

Getting rid of the foul odor in the house helped alot.  Lighting my candle has helped too.  Waking up to find that the couple of flies that had gotten in through the hole in the screen door had had wild nights of love that led to babies did not help.  I am sick of being a nursemaid to the natural world.  I grabbed the vacuum and the Raid.

After vacuuming up the wormy pre-flies and dropping Max off at the babysitter I drove directly to Pat’s.  It was time for an emergency intervention.  I had the morning off.  I hadn’t seen Pat in a long while and had been feeling a need to seek her wisdom, hear about her new projects, soak up some of what she has learned.  She is wise and kind and exudes love and acceptance.  And she is fun to boot!

Tea time

Tea time

There is nothing like being nourished to soothe a grouchy soul.  She made delicious green tea, a juicy fruit salad and homemade lemonade with crushed mint.  We talked for hours about feng shui, Myers Briggs, the Enneagram.  She told me about her latest class with Joey Yap.  We dissected a project I had worked on, talked about science and spirituality, Chinese metaphysics.  We pulled out books and papers and poured over them together.  Compared notes, nodded alot, furrowed our brows and then said “Aha!”.  Sitting with Pat it all seemed to be true and real and of course! and why not?

Pat's yummy fruit salad

Pat’s yummy fruit salad

And then the big OF COURSE hit me.  I am happiest when I am being nourished in community.  A big long table loaded with potluck foods.  A lovely community loaded with ideas and concepts to share.  Working together with someone wise on something mutually loved is nothing short of bliss. 

I left feeling energized.  Something in my soul shifted a little and made room for possibilities and for hope.  I realized what I  been seeking all these days that I have been mopey.  I am in need of the company of wise women & conspirators in creativity.  I have been going at my projects alone these days, trying to figure it out on my own.  Its become a way of life really, proving to myself that I can do it all my own.  I know I can now but I don’t always need to do so.  The self sufficiency and independence I have achieved is rewarding but as Winnie the Pooh says, “Its so much friendlier with two”.   

So much friendlier with two indeed!

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