It has come to my attention
that the only thing you may appreciate about me
Is how I appreciate you.

I suppose that should make me sad.
Or even mad.
But it only makes me curious.

Fear not, my friend.
I love you.
Even from the depths of this knowing now,
Even in the clarity of morning
I do. I do.

You make me laugh.
You make me think.
You make me dance.
What’s more,
I see all the glory that is you and I

For you are as beautiful as you desperately hope you might be.
I promise.

Some may find me crazy or
Think this perspective foolish

I once arrived in a town where mirrors were obsolete.
In the shadows there,
behind an ancient tree,
love whispered a secret that changed my heart forever.

She is not a wish, desire, hope to be appreciated, known or even seen.
She is not a currency to be exchanged, deserved or meted out by merit.
She abides there
Whenever I find Me
With all my messy woundedness, or my joyous silly brilliance,
humanity and Divinity
in the very same space
As You.

One Response to “A meditation on unconditional love”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    Breathtakingly lovely.
    Thank you.