I have a long story I will tell some day about what led me to this camera and what I am doing with it. But for now lets just leave it at this. It is healing my heart in a profound way, helping me bridge a divide between resentment and gratitude. I have spent a lot of time wondering how to jump this river, how to get past a blindness, a stubborn wall. This camera is teaching me how to see.

It has long been a dream of mine to own a good camera and to learn to take pictures. But it was also not something I had been contemplating seriously until…well…I did.

Everyday since I got it I have taken pictures of that which I love. And I have been blown away by beauty–seeing people and the simple things in my life as though for the first time. It is a practice right now. This learning to see. On this rocky road fraught with obstacles I don’t know how to navigate, it is the only way I know to breathe into gratitude.

Something profound is shifting in me and I can only whisper a sweet alleluia and prayer of thanksgiving.

One Response to “Me and my Canon”

  1. Christa Says:

    And shifting is an awe filled experience. Photography has been my solace, my inspiration, my place of peace for most of my life. So glad you have found your dream….