Water Garden at Blarney

Water Garden at Blarney

This week I have started in at my new job.  Its exciting to start something new and comforting to return to work with my mentor and good friend and a team who knows and loves me.  After two years out on my own, it feels like coming home.

I have a new office to call my own and have been thinking this time around about setting it up deliberately.  Too often my workspace just looks like a big table covered with papers–all chaos, no calm.  Its no wonder that some days I can barely think.  This time I am vowing to use good habits–to keep my space clutter free and to decorate it with peace of mind in mind.  This new office, this beautiful blank canvas is a perfect opportunity to pull out my feng shui books and focus on how to create and environment that will support me.

The East is the direction of new beginnings, of family harmony and of health.  Because of where I am in my life it is the part of my office where I am focused.    I love the idea of placing objects with intention.  This thing here is here for a reason.  Its a little subconscious reminder of what you want from life. 

The energy in the east is associated with wood, with growing things, with new life, new beginnings.  It is the direction of the dragon, my all time favorite mythical creature.  

Here is a little list of things to use to activate the chi in the eastern part of a home of office

to welcome and celebrate new beginnings.  Its what I plan to do.  Not all these things need to be done–in fact, less is more.   This is more a menu to pick from, a list of all the lovely possibilities. 

  • Green green green.  My favorite color.  The color of growth, of trees, of spring.  So so lovely.  Get green color on the walls, green pictures, green items.  Some green in the east to generate growth.
  • Blues too.  Water helps nourish plants and water energy helps nourish the wood energy of the east.  Maybe a picture of still water.
  • Live healthy plants.  Young spring like plants.  Broad leaved plants.  Ferns or peace lilies.  Any kind of plant.
  • Things in groups of threes.  Three is the number the Chinese associate with the east.  Three plants would be lovely.  Hmmm…
  • A dragon.  A picture, a statue, a small jade little guy.  Any kind of dragon–it doesn’t have to be a Chinese dragon. 

My mind is a flutter with all the exciting ideas for how to decorate my eastern wall.  How I can look east and celebrate each new day and every new beginning in my new exciting job.

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