It has been pouring rain for days here–a warmish/coldish gray autumn rain. It is washing everything clean, helping the leaves to let go of the trees, helping the streets to be clean. Something about the rain this time of year makes my heart swell with gratitude. Here are a few other things that are breaking my heart wide open:

1. Walking by a library today and peering in at the stacks–rows and rows of books and magazines and the smell of old paper. The fact that the library exists makes my heart sing in a way that is embarrassingly geeky.
2. Dinner with three dear girlfriends at Mandalay Restaurant and Cafe. Sitting back and listening to three such beautiful women talk.
3. Chai tea. Warm and frothy.
4. The kitten curled up on my lap while I type. This amazing kitten who will sleep tightly curled up with Max all night, bathing him in adoration.
5. Sitting with an amazing gift from the Universe, sent by design to help me open up to abundance.
6. Singing a lullaby to a soulsister having a miserable day.
7. The smell of Max’s hair after his shower. The way he says my name when he is half asleep.
8. The sounds of the rain, fast and furious and constant on my roof, on the windows, in the trees.
9. An amazingly beautiful duvet cover purchased for practically nothing that fits my room perfectly and might just be the Meggy-est duvet cover on the planet.
10. Walking through a downpour this morning under my amazing red umbrella feeling safe and warm and protected.
11. The fact that I have art, created by people I love, all over the walls of my house.
12. Good books that keep me company while I ride to work on the metro. In my backpack now: Oliver Kitteredge and The Gift of an Ordinary Day.
13. Candles. On my altars, in my room, warm and bright. I will light one for you, ok?

3 Responses to “Just sayin’”

  1. pixiemama Says:

    You are so strong.

    You are so beautiful.

    You are so amazing.


  2. Corinne Says:

    I adore fall rain.. and frothy chai.
    It’s rainy here… time to break out the tea kettle…
    (Loved Olive Kitteredge… beautiful in a painful way. And of course, adored Gift of an Ordinary Day – reading Mitten Strings for God right now. Katrina has such a sweet way with words)

  3. Trish Says:

    My favorite post in a while!! Love, love, love you…you’re a bright light in my world…thank you for guiding me and guarding me with your words.

    Miss you bunches