Five things I know
That apple pie is a pretty strong motivator
That wearing a great t-shirt can make me feel strong
That the earth is holding me (and you too!)
That laughter and sweetness and happiness can be found even in the midst of heartbreak and frustration
That really knowing much more than this is over rated

Five things I don’t know now
Where all my socks go
Why the cats can’t seem to get along
Why the lights are always on in Max’s room
What is going to happen next
How it is all going to work out

Five things I am truly grateful for
The kitten’s soft fur
The way Rosie cat will sleep on my hip every night
A comfy bed
A warm house and clean water

Five things I am holding space open for
Slowness and space
A great cup of tea
An abundance of silliness and kindness
A comfortable place to sit

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