Last spring I spent the better part of April and May tearing out honeysuckle that had taken over our front hillside.  The gorgeous azaleas that had beckoned me home for many springs on end were choking and every night last spring I would rush home from work to chop, tear, rip  at the honeysuckle.  I felt like it was a metaphor for where I was in my life–ripping out the old clutter to make space for the new.  I saved many of the azaleas but there was this one spot on the hill where come June, the only thing left were a few sad bare branches and dead old vines.  I meant to dig the sad little stumps out but one thing led to another and my attention wandered away from the hillside.  Yesterday I with the beautiful spring weather upon us I once again went armed with shears on honeysuckle  patrol.  This is what I found. 


Renewal is all around us. 

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