This season I have traded in the great rush for something quieter. I decided to try my hand at really living with the season, to do what all of nature (except for us crazy western humans) do when the sunlight becomes scant. I decided to slow down and dive into deep rest.

There have been stretches this holiday season where I wore my pajamas for days on end. Days when I chose to read with Max by the fire instead of doing the thousands of chores that had piled up. Days when I put the endless to do lists to rest, fully trusting that one day the important stuff would find a way to get done. My phone has barely worked these days and that has been good because it kept me from taking calls. (I am sorry if you have been trying to reach me).

There is something magical about winter that I fear has gotten lost. Winter gives us permission to reboot and restore but the holiday season modern style instead leaves us feeling run round, ragged. Its not simply a matter of commercialism but rather a matter of hectic, rushing that runs completely counter to what our bodies know we need to do.

I am starting to surface now. Something about the new year turning is causing the sap to rise and pulling me out of my cocoon. Eventually I will return to the written word. I am sure of that. But until then wanted to break through the quiet to wish those who come by hear a New Year full of love and peace.

4 Responses to “The hush of December”

  1. Christa Says:

    So glad you are taking good care of yourself and slowing the pace as winter begins…

    A very happy new year to you…

  2. Lucille Says:

    I feel the same way about Winter. I often excuse myself thinking it’s because I don’t like the cold or because I am fearful (so very fearful) of black ice and driving at night (with black ice)…that I cocoon as much as I do in the Winter. But you hit the nail on the head: it is seasonal, and it is what people did for centuries, hunkered down and rested, while the fields rested and such…. That’s why I love Winter too. This past week has been particularly lovely because it’s been low key and snow covered and pajama’d and no school….

    I wish you the best New Year’s wishes tonight. May 2011 be magical for you and your little man!!


  3. Trish Says:

    It’s contagious….I slowed down too…I stayed away from the rush, the crowds, I didn’t mail out cards I didn’t run from A to Z. I turned inwarded and slowed the pace of this season to slower steps and for this gift I have you to thank.


  4. denise Says:

    i find that often, when i read your words, a truthful surge fills my belly. i nodded along to your words as they spoke to me in a cadence, beautiful and warm. thank you.