Max trying out his brand new six year old scooter that Grammy and Grandpa brought for his birthday

Max trying out his brand new six year old scooter that Grammy and Grandpa brought for his birthday

Dearest Maxidoodle,

Today you are six.  Its hard for me to believe that six years have flown by so quickly.  It seems like only yesterday I was holding you in my arms for the first time, marveling at your long fingers, your sweet face, your chubby legs.  At the same time it is crazy to think that it has only been six years.  You are such an integral and precious part of my life, I can’t imagine what it was like before you came into it. 

Max self portrait--at the pool

Max self portrait–at the pool

You are a bright hot white streak of energy.  You run fast as a baby cheetah and will sprint if you can.  You like to be out ahead of any of us when walking or hiking.  You no longer want me to kiss you at school in the mornings–you are too grown and too impatient for that–but you will hug me with spirit as you leap into your day.  You are independent that way.

You have a contagious giggle that can turn any foul mood around.  You are really good at snapping your fingers and proud to show anyone how you can do it.  You are always climbing on something–scaling walls, rocks, trees, the kitchen counter, the fridge, me and we cannot stop you for you are twice as happy when you are hanging upside down.  I wish I had your energy– I know that you would loan me some if you could.  You are so good at sharing with others–you do it without thinking (most of the time). 

When Aidan and Olivia moved to Colorado you made them cookies for the road.  Because Papi always tells us the most important cooking ingredient is love, you blew kisses in with each stir of the wooden spoon and made happy wishes for them like “I hope you get a nice teacher.  I hope you like your new school.  I hope you have lots and lots of friends” with each handful of chocolate chips.  Your compassion and empathy at that moment floored me.

Max at the fancy dinner at Kilkea

Max at the fancy dinner at Kilkea

Your favorite game is hide-and-go-seek and you have frequently left us baffled with your creative hiding places.  Who would have ever thought to look for you in the box inside the front closet?  If it wasn’t for those giggles that eventually gave you away, we would still be looking for you. 

You are also particularly fond of dance contests where we blast music and take turns coming up with routines.  Your moves are unbeatable. Really, there is no contest but we have fun anyway.  Lately you have been learning African dancing and love to listen to Rwandan music turned up really really loud.  

When you aren’t playing Pokemon or Playmobil with your friends you are trying to trick me into letting you watch TV or play on the computer.    You are so clever that you frequently almost get me. 

Max asleep on luggage cart

Max asleep on luggage cart

You love to try new games and will jump into any new activity with excitement.  Ice skating and karate are just two new things that make you jump for joy.  If only we could capture some of that adventurous spirit and pass it on to your pallet.  You don’t like to try new foods and really could live for years on macaroni and cheese and strawberries.

When it comes to snuggling, I think you are a champion.  You have bear hugs that raise the sun every morning and sweet, tender hugs which make the wind blow. 

I am completely and utterly wrapped around your little finger.  Whether you are saying things like “Could you pass the water, best mother in the world” or stomping your feet and telling me that you are “really really frustrated” with me or sharing that “actually I am very scared”, I am lost in the sweetness of how you express your feelings. 



Watching you sleep I don’t know how I got so lucky to be your mom.  I won the mother lottery, really I did. 

I could write on and on forever telling you all the ways I love you and singing the praises of a boy so kind and sweet, but that would be “really embarrasing” and I seem to do that alot these days.  So instead I will simply say you are the love of my life, best son in the world and I love you more each minute you are alive.

Happy birthday my big boy.  May each day be as precious to you as you are to me.


Your mommy

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