The kiss

This weekend, my friends Jill and Jay, two of the most beautiful people I know, took the leap and tied the knot.  A relatively small group of us gathered on a farm in Western MA to witness it all and celebrate with them.  The weekend was glorious in more ways than one.  I will need weeks to process what I felt there amidst old friends, great music and beautiful country.  I will need weeks for it all to sink in. 

For now I am just buzzing with the joy of it.

During my most lizard-like days over the last 3 years, Jill and Jay have been my sun.  When I am cynical about love, relationships or silly notions of hope, I lie down on a rock next to them and just soak in the energy from their partnership, bask in the glow of the way they care for each other.  Theirs is a simple, honest, modest true love which radiates out from their little inner world and makes us all feel warmer.  But it also buzzes with tremendous passion, a hot white streak, a super nova.

It is something extraordinary to witness.  It is simply light.

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