Lightness to Go

Today was a bad day for all of us.  Bad news and disappointment hung heavy in the air.  I had another one of those brain foggy days where nothing got accomplished, time ran out while tasks piled up, and I felt so low and small and unexceptional.

It would have been bad enough if it had  been just me, but when I arrived home to my little family I realized that we all had had this kind of days.  They happen. 

Mommy and her boyThere was nothing to do but declare a trip out for icecream.  Never mind that it is a school night.  Never mind that I don’t need the calories.  It is hard to feel frustrated or angry or sad when one is digging into an icecream such as this.  When one is posing for silly photos.  It is hard to feel defeated when the cool smooth icecream is dancing on our tongues and sliding down our throats. 

Returning home the disappointments and frustrations were still there.  The unaccomplished tasks were still piled up.  But after this hour of silliness we were able to hold is so much lighter, breathe and try again.   

One Response to “Cure for A Heavy Heart”

  1. Jen Ballantyne Says:

    Oh darlin’ I hope the next days improve for you all. My thoughts are with you, take care and be gentle with yourself.