Yesterday Max and I were hustling about, running errands.  As we finished our final task, we crossed a bridge that connects an old mall to a new parking structure–a glassed in corridor that hangs above one of the more busy streets in our new downtown.  Max (so much like his mama in this way) enjoys the people watching and it often takes a full 20 minutes for us to make our way across the bridge.

Max stood with his face pressed up against the window and called out to me the things that he saw…the things that made him stare in wonder.  “Look mommy,” he said.  “Look–a puppy dog.  Look how cute he is in his sweater…Look at that funny man”  And then something that took my breath away.  “Look, ” he said his soulful eyes big and wide.  “Its a mom with her son…and her daughter.”  He then sighed a deep sigh that communicated all the sadness and heaviness of the world.  “I wish I had a little sister,” he said as he shifted, indicating to me that his people-watching was over for now, that he was ready for the car.  I ruffled his hair and spoke with great empathy. 

“Yes,” I reflected back at him, “Its so hard to be an only child”.

 “Yeah, ” he said with a voice so solemn.  “I have no one to beat up.”

These are the moments when he keeps me on my toes.

3 Responses to “Mine…all mine”

  1. KT Says:

    Meg- as usual your writing is both touching and funny!! Oh how I regret missing meeting Max this summer. Hopefully soon. Until then … xoxoxo

  2. Jena Strong Says:

    I love this. I told the story to Aviva (who is five). Her response: “Well, he can always beat up his mom.”

    xo J

  3. Meg Says:

    That is so funny….You can tell Aviva that in fact he does (or at least tries to…)