This past weekend our dear housemate was out of town, visiting some friends.  Max missed her terribly and so did I.  The weekend unfolded slowly.  By the time she arrived back home there was so much to share.  She missed so much in just 48 hours.

Max greeted her at the door and bubbled with enthusiasm. 

But despite his smiles and hugs for her he had some serious business too.  His face grew grave.  He told her he had bad news.  Very bad news.

He had lost his TV privledges for the week.  This was especially sad as the two of them enjoy a nightly Berenstein Bears epsiode.  She didn’t ask him why–it didn’t matter.  She knows how much Max enjoys his nightly ration and so she had nothing but empathy for this little boy.  It was bad news indeed.  “I am sorry Max” she said in her crisp lovely accent.

“But,” he perked up, “I have good news too.  Very good news.  Great in fact.” 

“Oh?” she asked, her curiousity peaked

“Yes, ” he said sparkling as he spoke.  “I finally learned how to make a star”.  He then got a piece of paper and showed her how he could draw a beautiful, lopsided 5 pointed star–just in time for Christmas.

There is always a bit of good news if you have a heart innocent and light enough to see it.   There is always a bright light somewhere.   I am going to sleep now.  Tomorrow I hope I wake up a bit more like Max.

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