Meg lives in Maryland with her beautiful little wildthing Max, their old wise cats and a ragtag but truly lovable tribe of neighbors and friends who regularly walk through the front door carrying magic.

She regularly breaks into song, determined to turn her life into a muscial.  She has a unique talent for extending metaphors–stretching them further than most humans would take them.  She is also gifted at convincing you to stay, for just one more song.

She is a firm believer in the healing power of stories, the beauty of a guitar, and the importance of dancing your heart out.   Also that chocolate is a health food and doing things you are bad at will help you grow.  Oh yes–and in giggling.  She is a big believer in laughter of all kinds.  But especially irreverent laughter…

She is deeply committed to creating a fair economy and in irradicating income inequality.  She is thankful that she has a fancy schmancy Washington job that lets her spend her large chunks of her days doing just that.  But she’d rather not talk about that here. 

She is a hopeless flirt, an avid knitter and transparent as a window pane.  She can’t keep her own secrets but she will keep yours.   

She is always on the lookout for a new adventure–whether it is a hike down the creek, camping in the desert, a whirlwind trip to explore the back alleys of a new city or a whispered conversation to explore the contours of the heart.  You can almost always get her to agree to drop what she is doing and come along. 

If you are looking for her, you can usually find her knitting, sitting on a dear friend’s patio with a glass of wine in hand, in the alley with her hands in the dirt or wandering around her neighborhood with a compass, following the energy of the wind and water.  

Better yet you can make her day by can leaving her a comment here on the blog.  If you have something REALLY nice to say send her an email at  meg at megcasey dot com


































One Response to “Who is this Meg Casey anyway?”

  1. Ginny McDonagh Says:

    Meg, Loved your most recent post. Dolores had told me she had a surprise part to go to. She’s always talking about her friends… “You know my friend, Meg…” A special place we live in, isn’t it. I know we’ve met at one of those special get togethers at Dolores & Jamie’s. Happy Birthday. So wonderful you had such a reunion.

    Your writing is uplifting. I look forward to reading your words on your blog.